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  • We attach importance to communication within the team. We use Slack before e-mail in internal communication. Due to the principle of information sharing and being informebud, we prefer correspondence made in relevant open channels rather than private conversations.

  • We work in an environment where there is no hierarchy. We know that respect will not be with using pronouns as Ms./Mr.

  • We support and take care of each other in every way.

  • There is nothing more enjoyable than putting your hands together under the stone.

  • We believe in being good people. We value not only our customers, but also our teammates, suppliers and neighbors.

  • We believe in open communication and honesty. We prefer to transfer our feelings and thoughts towards each other directly to each other before other people.

  • We are open to continuous learning and knowledge sharing.

  • We value every idea. We expect and encourage everyone, from the newest teammate to the oldest, to question the processes and make suggestions for improvement.

  • We believe in the power of communication and do not use the imperative.

  • We don't see kindness as a waste of time. We know that everyone's time is as valuable as ours. We expect incoming e-mails not to be unanswered, and if no reply can be given, we expect the information to be given at the earliest when the return will be made.

  • We like to describe each other as team/teammates, not as family.

  • We support all kinds of training that will contribute to personal development. Except astrology

  • We like trial and error and learning.

  • We believe in, use and produce open source software.

  • We believe in technology. We try to solve the repetitive work and operational burdens of our customers / projects primarily with technology, not with a new human source.

  • We don't cut a cake on our birthdays, we take that day to ourselves and take a day off. Just because our birthday falls on the weekend doesn't mean we won't take weekdays off.

  • As long as business is transferred with common sense, there is no permission to give notice for a leave.

  • Working while on leave is not appreciated, on the contrary, it is a reason for warning.

  • If the decision is made to combine the days between the official holidays and the weekend, our teammates who remain on duty are considered to be on leave for the same period.

  • It is possible to plan and work remotely with one's own team, based on common sense.

  • In HR processes, we do not 'select and place' candidates, we also provide different opportunities for candidates to evaluate and choose us.

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